Wednesday 21 September 2016

Boy Cards


I haven't posted in a veeeeeery long time, I even thought about erasing this blog. Still, a lot of work, memories and beautiful people are all linked to it and I didn't want to lose everything reminding me of those years.
I have made only a few cards in the meantime, I feel I lost my drawing skills but I still take a lot of pleasure from cardmaking, I believe all of us who have taken up this pastime do.
I will only post a few boy cards I made last week. I believe I put these here =mostly for myself as sometimes I feel like browsing my blog just to look at my old cards. I only have 4 or 5 cards left, I gave away the rest of them over the years.
What have I been doing? Just life, family and work ,and I don't complain about any of them:). I miss from time to time my blogging friends; sometimes I take a look at their lovely cards and feel sorry I stopped making them:(.

I will come back with more cards, just to say hi and share some thoughts with you still  following after all these years:)

Image: Mo Manning- Out there and Beach Elements

Thank you for dropping by!

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